“Initially I found the thought of a bootcamp really quite intimidating. Fitness had never been my thing, I’d struggle at the gym so didn’t think I was fit enough to even attempt a bootcamp.

Since having my 2 children I wasn’t really happy with myself, the way I looked or felt. I went along to a trial session, enjoyed it and loved the sense of achievement afterwards.

Simon took the time to understand what you wanted to get out of Bootcamp. He encourages you, knows when to push you to push yourself without yelling at you or making you feel inadequate. The sessions are varied, structured and the games make even the toughest exercises less brutal, this along with the camaraderie of the group motivates me in a way I never got from going to a gym.

From literally not being able to push myself off the ground to do a single push up. I’ve become fitter, stronger, toned. I’ve lost just over a stone. Friends and family noticed a huge difference after just a few weeks not just physically but in my general mood. I’m loving how my children see me going out and exercising, they think I’m some kind of superwoman! It’s really important to me as a stay at home mum to have that time that’s solely for me.  I look forward to every session come wind, rain or mud!”



“I have been attending bootcamp now for about 16 weeks,  having spent five years wasting money on a gym membership I never used and what an experience it has been. I have gone from not being able to run and do press ups to now I run all the runs, and can manage 10 press ups not to mention the weights I can now lift and sit up I can now do. You see noticeable changes in your every day life… I’ve lost a stone and a half in weight, can now run a whole 5k and always have a spring in my step. I feel great and can’t wait for Mondays and Thursdays. No matter how cold it is or how bad the weather, bootcamp is there to push me and challenge me physically as well as opportunity to share fun times with like minded people. Simon has an ability to quietly push you as an individual … Encouraging you at the point your ready to give in and the thing that you as an individual struggle with he finds a way to support you and drive you to do the exercise. As well as this he shouts to make sure every minute is not wasted when you are ready to stop. To top it all off, the activities are innovative, the group laugh, have fun and make working out a pure, wet, muddy, sweaty and fun time!



“Having done very little exercise for over 15 years and not even owning my own pair of trainers I pessimistically joined Triumph Bootcamp in March, but have ended up completely addicted to it.  Every session is different, hard and challenging but at the same time fun, friendly and upbeat making them incredibly rewarding with a great sense of achievement after each one.  Joining bootcamp has changed my life in many ways that I could not have done on my own,  I have lost 2 stones in weight and not only has my attitude to exercise, food and drink changed completely,  my energy levels have increased, I am stronger physically and mentally and have achieved personal  goals that were unimaginable before.  I could not recommend Triumph Bootcamp high enough; Simon’s positive and enthusiastic attitude to life soon rubs off on everyone.”