Kids Bootcamp

11262007_507657856057679_3447587471139948399_nFun. Fun. Fun.

These sessions are based around being outside, having fun and working hard. Using simple concepts and games, your child will be free to run around, take on obstacle course, interact with others, compete in races and generally enjoying to be outdoors and exercising!

We believe in finding a health and fitness regime that suits you and your family, and exercise that brings you and your family joy and gives you energy. If you find something you enjoy, you are far more likely to stick with it and continue to exercise and achieve your goals. That’s why we make our bootcamp sessions FUN!

Assault courses, team races, fun workout drills, individual assessments, etc are all of what makes our children’s sessions enjoyable but hard work! The children don’t even realise they are exercising!

When and Where?

Contact us for details: Call 07921667092